myDBA4 Benefits IT Administrators Self-Serve Reporting
Cube Data

IT Administrators Benefits: Focus Where Focus Should Be.

myDBA4’s application deployment, managed support solutions and data cube library provide self-serve reporting capabilities, while reducing the burden for your onsite IT staff, freeing up valuable services for other strategic initiatives. myDBA offers a remote hosted option that provides a reduced amount of hardware and IT resources. IT can now defer more ad hoc reporting functions to be completed by line managers and the direct report users, bypassing miscommunication and IT bottlenecks.

With myDBA4, cubes are created through a simple query, and data and user groups are virtually maintained in a single system by the company cube library, making it unnecessary to reorganize files every time a change is required and canceling the need for multiple systems and their required maintenance.

Thus, your IT personnel can focus on the kind of strategic initiatives that optimize their skill sets while reporting is redirected, which will reveal new opportunities to propel your organization forward.






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