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Cube Data

Capacity: Same Data, More Information.

myDBA4 is uniquely equipped to provide more insight from existing data by offering the capacity to look at your data in an unprecedented number of ways. myDBA4 pushes back current limitations while opening up possibilities for removing unwanted restrictions on the use of your existing IT resources and assets. myDBA4 will maximize the knowledge potential of your existing equipment and data by taking it to the next level. Below are the specifications that myDBA4 can accommodate, based on your existing assets.


  Record Source: File and DB Limits

– Rows – limited only by database engine and local machine resources
– Cube size – limited only by CPU and bandwidth needed to open file
– Approximately 10:1 compression ratio on binary record source
– Approximately 50:1 compression ratio on raw fixed width record source



Library: Maximum number of



Reports: Maximum number of


– Cubes – 6,000
– Users – 6,000
– Groups – 6,000
– Cubes per group – 250
– Groups per user – 250


– Documents per report – 250
– Rows per document – 60,000
– Columns per document – 250
– Rows per report – 15 million



Data Cube: Up to specifications


– 2.1 billion displayable rows and or columns
– 32 pivotal fields per data cube layout
– 32 aggregated data fields per cube layout
– 256 bit encrypted proprietary file format
– 50:1 compression ratio on record source


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