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Case Study Overview: Global Risk Consultants

“We now have the ability to combine programs into one report easily and efficiently. This helps managers assess the information for future quotes with clients, manage engineers’ time and expenses on a regular basis and maintain a more accurate account of our inspections and the time allocated to them.”

-- Sherry Pohola, B&M Administrative Assistant at GRC

Customer Profile

Global Risk Consultants (GRC) is a full-service, risk-control consulting firm with offices around the world and more than 200 risk control engineers and consultants.

Business Situation

Global Risk Consultants needed a business intelligence system that could link the company’s disparate databases without disrupting its global operations.


In mid-2001, while working with GOC on another project, Global Risk Consultants approached GOC to see if they could help. GOC recommended myDBA4, its own reporting system, because it could be easily modified to take on this task.


Less than a year later, the system was introduced, department by department, throughout GRC. Almost immediately, users saw an increase in speed, efficiency and accuracy. Not only did myDBA4 fulfill its original objective of unifying data with on-demand reporting, it became the driver of increased productivity throughout the company.


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