myDBA4 Benefits End Users Straightforward Decision-Making

End User Benefits: Work Smarter, Not Harder.

myDBA4’s user-friendly functionality benefits you and your end users in countless ways. An immediate benefit is the reduction of requests to your IT department for unscheduled data inquiries, freeing up those valuable personnel for more important, strategic undertakings.

myDBA4’s intuitive interface and straightforward methodology enables you to build effective reports based on your own criteria, within a shorter time frame. Report authors can preview reports and their resulting data displays prior to completion, enabling them to identify any necessary modifications that should be made during the quick-touch creation process. This flexibility allows you to personalize your report formats to best serve your individual, professional needs.

Pivot, sort and filtering, combined with dynamic data review capabilities, allow unprecedented views that provide key insights you may not have even anticipated. Once a report has been created, it can be refreshed within seconds, eliminating the need to rebuild a report every time new data is acquired, saving you time and money and improving productivity, as well as the accuracy of information required for sound decision-making.





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