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Cube Data

“ We now have the ability to combine programs into one report easily and efficiently…


“… And it allows
manage­ment to
manage better
because we’re
able to provide
them with better
tools. ”

Enterprise Wide Benefits:
The Right Insight, in the Right Place, at the Right Price.

Affordability: Realized Efficiencies Cover the Cost of Growth across the Enterprise

Because of its browser-integreted architecture, myDBA4 offers exceptionally low cost of ownership with extreme scalability. Deployment can quickly grow on demand, from a single user in a departmental installation to thousands of users across the enterprise. myDBA4’s ROI results allow for the funding of subsequent users as the organization grows and cost of use becomes more economical.

Secure Collaboration: Safety in Numbers.

Enhanced collaboration among multiple users is secured with the myDBA4 encryption engine, making it easy for your organization to safely work as a team, while web-based data and web-group connectivity provides access to powerful cube-based and ad-hoc reporting. An easily configured, role-based security system can be administered to deliver protection using data cubes and is carried through the application, down to the report document level.

Effective Decisions Based on Accurate, Refreshable Data.

myDBA4 promotes better decision making in a number of ways. First, the product’s ability to combine widespread data sources within a company gives management the advantage of making decisions based on accurate and detailed reports that provide a comprehensive view of their company. Second, because myDBA4 reveals data inaccuracies, reports become more precise at every level, providing a solid foundation on which to base enterprise-wide decisions. Third, the efficiencies in time and effort realized with myDBA4’s user-friendly process enable report creation and delivery in real-time, allowing businesses to make decisions ahead of the curve, with a proactive business stance. Finally, myDBA4 recognizes that report creation and decision making are evolutionary processes, requiring fluid report format and content until the exact information needed is revealed. Therefore, we’ve made our quick touch report creation process so fast and easy that any given report can be created and adjusted as needed, to provide the right information in the right format, in a matter of a few mouse clicks.








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