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All organization of data is virtually maintained online. Each user has a specific login and password to access the data.
Data can be accessed from anywhere the Internet can be reached.

Connect Current Data Sources

If you can access the data through a simple query or you have an importable flat file, we can bring it together in myDBA.
All of your company’s data can be brought together in a single reporting system, and you can combine disparate data in a single report.

Data Cube

Our cubes are OLAP ready, meaning they have OLAP capabilities as soon as the data is queried, which allows users more direct and flexible inquiries into their data.
Data cube technology gives you the ability to do more extensive data analysis.

Dynamic Data Analysis

Our dynamic data analysis environment gives you the ability to drill down into the table by pivoting, sorting and filtering your data fields for a deeper understanding of the data implications.
Drill-down capabilities reveal clear-cut insight gleaned from your data to make strategic and tactical business decisions.


In only four mouse clicks, you can have a default report output from the data presented in the Analyzer.
Enables you to produce a report quickly and easily, with little time and effort.


Reports are customizable, giving you the ability to organize the format of your output based on your needs.
You can create a report that is easy and comfortable for you to work with.

Distribute Refreshable

Our reports are file-based and can be distributed to show the original content and updated to show current data by using our auto-refresh feature.
It’s the best of both worlds; you can send the report with the original data used to create it and then refresh it with the most current data, as needed, showing trends or changes requiring attention.

Integrated Security

Data files are saved in an encrypted format, ensuring your data remains your business, while maintaining the access credentials of each user all the way down to the reporting level.
The security on the data sources, whether accessed or reported, can be handled in a single process.



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