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myDBA: How It Works

myDBA begins by pulling together your data. Data can be accessed from any source that can be returned in a query or an importable file format. The data is converted into OLAP cubes and is visually refined using the cube analyzer in the layouts design mode. Once refined, the cube is published to your cubes catalog where it can be accessed and refilled.
Next, you can use your web browser to access the myDBA Reports application. After login you will enter the cube catalog library, which is an organized to view available data based on your access credentials. From here, you are able to download local cubes from you hard disk or library published cubes from your Intranet or Internet connection.
After downloading a cube, you are ready to explore your data. The cubes are loaded into the myDBA 360Analyzer with OLAP capabilities allowing you to dynamically analyze your data. The analyzer is spreadsheet-like in appearance and uses drag drop technology to navigate making pivoting, sorting and filtering your data a breeze.
Next, you can produce a report from the data presented in the analyzer. With our format ready report creation process, you can prepare well-formed reports effortlessly. Additionally, the report can also be customized to give the document a personal feel, so it is easy for you to use. You are now ready to save it, send it or refresh it on command from the most current data available.
Finally, a reporting system that allows you to use the same data, the same reporting personnel and the same decision making process to discover more timely and accurate information about your business, in turn helping you make more opportune tactical and strategic, business decisions.



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