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Inline Business Intelligence, a new market in BI, brings the best of traditional business intelligence together opening a new avenue for effectively managing business information. Inline Business Intelligence delivers seamless integration of report flexibility and repeatability, the two current driving forces in business intelligence and for the first time aligns them into a single process and software application.

The two apparent driving forces in BI have caught companies in a struggle to get timely information. Most BI solutions fall into one of the two following categories (Repeatable vs. Flexible reporting solutions – explained below). To see a visual representation of how Inline Business Intelligence aligns these two types of conflicting information processing tools, please check out the Inline BI Diagram.

Repeatable Reporting Solution

  Flexible Reporting Solution

Produces a rigid report, although it does ensure confidence in the numbers and repeatability.

This type of BI solution creates reports that have been painstakingly specified to show only a specific sort of information, “canned data”. Although this style of reporting is beneficial in that it can be refreshed with current data time and time again, the design or the arrangement of the type of data in the report, controlling the view of the information, has been “cemented” in place – inflexible. Meaning every time a report needs to be produced that does not fall within the pre-created canned report set, there is an abundance of time and effort spent, first in planning what exactly should go into the report in order that it can be used for an extended period of time, and then in the actual creation process. Because of the rigidity in this type of reporting process it is extremely difficult for users to check out a hunch, flip the numbers around, or discover new information and trends, in time to do something about it.


Allows for full manipulation of the data, but this data analysis process is neither easily repeated nor refreshable and opens room for errors in the numbers.

Flexibility allows users to be able to drill into the data and find new information, but there is a trade off; the data often has to be disconnected from its source and placed into a separate application that allows for ad hoc analysis and reporting. By disconnecting the data from its source, it loses automatic refresh capabilities. Each time new data is acquired the entire processes of inputting the data and performing analysis functions has to be repeated. This not only requires an extended amount of time and effort, it also requires the user remember all of the functions he or she performed to the data in order to gain a desired output. Likewise, because of the manual manipulation of the data there is the loss of data integrity, allowing the possibility for decisions to be made on misrepresented or even inaccurate data.

Inline Business Intelligence Aligns to a Company’s current processes, practices and timelines.

Inline was BI designed on the understanding that for companies to keep a completive edge in today’s global marketplace, they must manage increasing amounts of information faster and with more efficiency than ever before, and information must be delivered to a wider range of users. Companies need an information processing solution that aligns with and empowers their existing recourses and processes – a BI solution that allows their current data sources, users, operations, direction, and decision making to work in concert. To accomplish this, BI solution must deliver an inline combination of ease-of-use, self-service, data flexibility, and report repeatability in one application. Inline Business Intelligence and myDBA excels at providing a solution that manages all of these requirements.

Following are a few of the critical features that make up the “inline process” and enable an organization to maximize efficiency.

 Ease-of-use and web-based access

Extends information both geographically and organizationally to the workforce, which falls inline with current trends to flatten the corporate infrastructure. To remain competitive in an increasingly high-speed global marketplace, corporations are realizing the necessity of having critical information available through all levels of the organization anytime and anywhere.

 Connection of Current Data Sources

myDBA’s multiple data connector model, coupled with its Inline Business Intelligence processing, encompasses disparate data sources and provides functionality similar to a single source data system, ultimately providing a seamless view of the company’s data, making it possible to stay on top of day-to-day business decisions.

Integrated Security

myDBA’s architecture has a foundational security system derived by encrypting all file elements, allowing users to communicate confidently and efficiently over non-encrypted network connections. The certificate based security allows each user to see only the data he or she is permitted inline with one’s access credentials.

Self-Serve Reporting Capabilities

myDBA’s self-serve reporting capabilities make reporting quick, customizable, and refreshable and bring the need for the distribution of reliable information inline with the desire to push data out to the ends of any organization. Reporting can now be reduced directly to the availability of data rather than the design and integration of traditional multifaceted Business Intelligence systems.


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