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“You get so much data so quickly…”


“…We never had the luxury of having so much data at our fingertips.”

Product Overview

The Challenge

Successful companies require accurate and timely data reporting in order to make strong strategic, tactical and operational decisions. The complex evolution of business systems over time makes it necessary to effectively combine and customize separate legacy systems in which data is contained; therefore, it becomes essential to simplify the access, retrieval and analysis of that same data so as to effectively transform it into useful and actionable business intelligence.

So what does it take to achieve a clear line of sight into company operations, maximize business reporting and turn ordinary data into useful information?

Welcome to myDBA4 on 24/7 Data

myDBA4 is web-based business intelligence, delivered through an easy-to-use, spreadsheet-like interface, with the capability to readily produce refreshable, user-defined reports. myDBA4 is cutting edge technology that delivers more than just data! It increases reporting accuracy by unifying data at every level while replacing manual reporting efforts. It provides line managers, analysts and executives with on-target data with which to make timely analysis, ultimately improving business decision-making across the enterprise.

Designed to Deliver

myDBA4 powers your analysis and in-depth reporting needs. It is not
necessary to modify your data to fit into our software or process
offerings; myDBA4 leveragesall available, existing resources within your organization,including:

  • The reporting skills of the individual
  • The data from each department
  • The decision-making process of the senior manager

myDBA4 makes it easy for a wide range of users to combine distinct data from existing sources by aligning itself to the way your company thinks and works.


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