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“We now have the ‘good’ problem of determining who should have access to this Information…”

“…So we’re
creating security
and access
rights and
issuing layers
of access.”

Security, Encryption, Authority - The Backbone of myDBA4.

“If the confidentiality or accuracy of your information is of any value at all, it must be protected. If the unauthorized disclosure or alteration of the information could result in any negative impact, it must be secured.”

~ Cryptography World 2003

myDBA4’s mission is twofold: allowing users to freely communicate their message to others, while at the same time protecting that message against prying eyes. myDBA4 employs a technique that encourages users to share more information than ever before by hardening that content and simplifying the sharing process.

myDBA4’s design architecture includes an internal, foundational security system derived by encrypting absolutely everything that the application contains. All files and data stores created by myDBA4 are encrypted using the 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael) released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in 1999. By encrypting all data files at the storage layer, myDBA4 can communicate confidently and efficiently over non-encrypted network connections. And, communicating over secure network connections simply provides an additional layer of data protection.

myDBA4’s security foundation is augmented by the certificate authority system employed at the Library User level, allowing users to exchange datasets, reports, and views and still enforce the organization’s security policies. When myDBA4 users exchange data, this system engages and allows the receiving user to see only that information permitted by his or her security profile, thus making myDBA4 a great data dissemination tool for any organization. What that means is that management can distribute an enterprise-wide report that includes information from payroll, sales, manufacturing, distribution, receivables and payables in one. As users open the report, the certificate authority system displays only information allowed by that user’s security profile. In other words, if a given user does not have permission to see data from payables, that data will be eliminated from the version of the report that they will see.

myDBA4 is designed with the promiscuous wireless user in mind – users that frequently connect from such "hot spots" as crowded airport terminals, Internet cafes, home, office and on the open road. While using myDBA4 in these environments, you can rest assured that your data remains 100%....yours.

“Encryption is the science of changing data so that it is unrecognizable and useless to an unauthorized person. Decryption is changing it back to its original form.”

~ Cryptography World 2003


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