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System Architecture

myDBA4 is a versatile analysis and reporting application designed for configuration that meets a wide range of deployment requirements. Because we understand that, like individuals, every business is unique, we offer a variety of implementation options so that you can integrate myDBA4 and your existing systems with little to no pain. Some of these options include:


  Application Deployment  

– Local drive
– Network LAN
– Web-based
– Windows MSI install technology





– Application runs in Microsoft IE browser (Internet Explorer)
– Can be hosted in or outside of a web server
– Apache or IIS compliant web server
– Dual-site redundancy with automated failover available



Data Delivery


– Domain, workgroup or peer-to-peer networks
– Web-based delivery (FTP/HTTP)
– Windows and Unix-based networks
– Firewall friendly



Data Sources


– Flat files – such as Excel™, CSV
– Desktop databases – such as DBase™, FoxPro™, Outlook™
– Relational databases – such as MS SQL™, Oracle™
– Provider based – all ODBC compliant
– Proprietary formats such as SAP™ and QuickBooks™


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