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Technical Features: The Building Blocks of Data Efficiency.

Manage data from disparate sources.

One of the biggest challenges in data analysis today is gleaning valuable insight from data that originates both in different technological and geographical locations. myDBA4 includes the critical tools you need to pull it all together, with options to minimize additional hardware purchases and to eliminate the need to replace your existing systems. With myDBA4, you get:


– Library-based collection management
– Cataloged cube organization
– Modifiable virtual grouping levels
– Integrated role-based security
– Up to 250 data cubes accessible from a single report

Create reports tailored to your business requirements

myDBA4’s user-defined reporting options let you create effective, real-time reports tailored to your business requirements by utilizing the following features:


– Quick touch document creation
– Personal touch document formatting
– Document-to-cube synchronization
– Proprietary and exportable formats, such as Excel, Text
– Inheritance report security dissemination
– Disparate data collaboration
– Support for Excel formulas in calculated report fields
– Columns per report - 62,500
– File size – limited only by storage availability

Analysis driving actionable business decisions

myDBA4 analyzes your data, turning information into intelligence – pushing history beyond hindsight and turning insight into action. Let myDBA4 help you determine your strategic roadmap by giving you critical and compelling information with the use of:


– OLAP and ad-hoc data analysis
– Drill-down data detail
– Drag and drop data aggregation
– Sort, rank and filtering
– Automated date breakouts, such as year, month, week, etc.
– User-defined, calculated fields
– Percent of display values
– Field display formatting
– Automated query-to-cube translator
– Selectable aggregation, such as average, sum, count, max
– On-demand and scheduled data refresh
– Configurable analyzer interface, such as order, visibility, totaling


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