myDBA4 Technical That Aligns  
myDBA4 for the way you work OLAP
Cube Data

“We can continue with independent systems…”

“…but pull together critical data.”

Technical Overview

“myDBA4 is the next generation in reporting technology that
aligns itself to the way your company thinks and works.”

myDBA4 is about simplifying the acquisition and use of data from numerous
sources for improved insight as a basis for making better business decisions,
and that includes handling the technical aspects of the application.

Partners of the 24/7 Data Network are ready and willing to work with you to integrate myDBA4 with your existing systems and deploy an improved and efficient data collection and analysis methodology.

Use this section of our site to help you understand the technical requirements and capabilities involved in installing myDBA4. Please call us if you need more information.



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