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Welcome to the myDBA4 online installation process.

Installing myDBA4 is effortless using the online web installer to download the desktop client software from our site to your PC.

Upon running the application for the first time you will be prompted for an activation code enter "Trial" in the area supplied for the code to engage the tryit mode.

  • When using the trial version of myDBA to build data cubes, reports, and charts, you will need to purchase an activation code at the end of the trial period to keep all your existing data.

  • Before you begin please keep in mind. You must use MS Internet Explore 6 greater to install. You must be running Windows XP SP1 or greater or Windows 2000 SP3 or greater. Your Windows login must have permissions to install software on your PC. Windows Vista users must turn protect mode off during installation.

  • Using the online web installer consists of 4 basic steps.
    1. Click on the Web Installer link on the right after reviewing these steps.
    2. Permit our ActiveX launcher to run in your browser when prompted.
    3. Click on Start Install button after client components download.
    4. Look for myDBA4 icon on desktop after setup finishes and Double-click it.

  • If you would like to contact us directly, you can use the phone icon to obtain our phone number and address. Thanks again!

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