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User Benefits

myDBA4’s web-based data cube deployment makes data more accessible. Its pre-established data sets make user inquiries more expedient, and an adaptable analyzer interface makes data exploration richer. With myDBA4, you have the option of applying a personal touch while using the automated report formatting function. Each of the features is uniquely valuable; however, combined, they promote smart decision making while lightening the reporting workload.


IT Administrator

Do you want to stretch the access of your data as far as the Internet can reach?

Do you want to implement convenient self-serve reporting?

Do you want a business intelligence solution that pays for itself?

Do you want easy, adaptable exploration of your data revealing clear cut answers?

Do you want to help your IT team put its focus where focus should be?

Do you want to use data from disparate systems to produce a more comprehensive perspective?

Do you want refreshable reports based on your own customized criteria?

Do you want data storage and retrieval to be fast and efficient?

Do you want to securely deliver refreshable reporting based on an ad hoc request?





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