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myDBA4 Charts: A New Level in Visual Analysis

myDBA4 Charts is a powerful feature included in the myDBA4 software application system that adds to the richness and depth of insight that users gain from this product. The sophisticated visualization technology, provided by myDBA4 Charts, allows complex data to be displayed in a clearly presented graphical context, where users can quickly and easily gain immediate insights from their information. As with all components of myDBA4, ease-of-use must be achieved before technical complexity is made available. With Charts, a user is never actually more than two mouse clicks away from visually analyzing data!

To view some charts created in myDBA, visit the chart gallery by clicking here...

Inline BI Process with Charts

myDBA4 is one of the few technologies that includes the combination of advanced technical and communication capabilities necessary to create the complex business graphics needed to keep up in today’s fast-paced business analytic environment. Because myDBA4 Charts is embedded within the revolutionary myDBA4 Inline BI process, every chart created from a myDBA4 report is dynamically linked to that report’s data, meaning the graphing system automatically adjusts the structure of the chart content each time the report information is updated or changed. Likewise, attributed to the seamless Inline process is the ability, if access credentials permit, to take any chart and return not only back to the report that it is based off of, but back to the analyzer and the original cube that produced the report. In any of these stages, the data display can be manipulated and subsequently updated in the chart in a matter of a few mouse clicks. This allows the analysis process to continue and evolve as charts are dispersed and shared throughout the organization.

Choose Exactly What information Is Displayed in the Report

myDBA4 Charts captures and displays the smallest details in a report while maintaining the larger context of the information. myDBA4 has the capability to display an entire report in a single chart, perform automated report segmentation, or allow user-driven customized data selection. Any report tab can produce 25 custom charts, and an entire report has the capability to generate over 6,000 custom charts. Because of the extensive amount of charts that myDBA4 can manage, the system contains a graph management engine designed to load and unload memory, optimizing system responsiveness while maximizing chart capacity.

Create Instant Dashboards

By using the automated report segmentation, the user is provided the ability to allow lengthy reports to be divided into multiple graphs, generating an instant dashboard effect. By navigating through the charts sections, the user can observe trends in every type of data myDBA4 produces, from revenue and inventory usage, to patterns in customer adoption, and distinctions from budget and plan. When any portion of a report’s data content or chart’s design layout is changed, all generated chart sections are automatically updated to match.

Adjust Presentation Display with Integrated myDBA4 Chart Designer:

myDBA4 Charts empowers numerical information to be presented in a visually pictorial display, allowing greater overall clarity to be exposed in the form of patterns or trends in the information. Thus, there is clearly great importance attached to the ability to adjust the visual presentation of the information to perfectly represent the data content. myDBA’s integrated Chart Designer allows the user to format the chart display in numerous ways including:

  • 2D and 3D charting options
  • Up to 15 different chart types
  • Pictorial charting
  • Custom label manipulation between report and chart data
  • On-screen, real-time rotation of 3D charts

Likewise for ease-of-use, any part of the chart display can be used to engage its specific design layout settings. In addition, each chart design can be saved as a template file for use in subsequent chart creation.

myDBA4 Charts supports x, y, 2 nd y, and z chart axis revealing interrelationships of the performance indicators that drive business growth.

Easy Export

myDBA4 Charts can be exported as a jpg., bmp., or Windows M­etafile aiding in presentation creation. myDBA4 provides the option to export the current chart or all chart and sub chart tabs.



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