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Welcome to the myDBA4 webinar schedule and registry.

Signing up for a myDBA4 webinar begins here by using the online schedule listing below to reserve your seat for an upcoming event.

myDBA4 webinars while free are quite valuable, not only for the concise information provided to jumpstart your efforts, but also to provide oppurtunites to submit electronic questions and influence the demonstration.

  • When considering which Webinar might be right for you, we suggest getting started for a quick overview of how to systematically navigate the application, the web search accelarator as a good way to see how to use the power of the product with very little time invested, and finally the adhoc - customize session shows how to take raw data to a polished report in a single session. We value your time and will strive to make this worth it, not only in the presentation but also in the valuable money saving coupons offered during select webinars.

  • Before you begin, please keep in mind. Your Windows login must have permissions to install the GoToWebinar browser plug-in on your PC. All attendees will be in a listen only mode for audio. Questions and feedback may be submitted during the presentation for the "Q & A" session at the end of the presentation. Coupon offers when made are made for a limited time during presenstation and require attendance.

  • Registering for a myDBA4 webinar consists of 4 basic steps.
    1. Select your webinar with preferred date and time from the list below.
    2. Complete registration information on provided web entry form .
    3. Check email to receive your registered confirmation.
    4. Attend webinar. (Please arrive a few minutes early to allow for login.)

  • If you would like to contact us directly, you can use the phone icon to obtain our phone number and address. Thanks again!


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